Times: World clocks at a glance.
Feel closer to family, friends and collegues living overseas.

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simple, lightweight, supports dark theme. adding different times could be easier (a search function would really help) but it does what it says. recommended.

Ffereet (App Store Review)

Nice helpful application. Once you have set it up, it’s really nice. Works as expected.

ajaimes (App Store Review)

The app is simple to setup and works like a dream. I currently live in Vietnam but I work with companies in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the EU. Now instead of haveing to check my iPhone 20 times a day for the time in the locations I need to work with I can simply glance at the top of my screen.

Captain Tankboy (App Store Review)

Very simple and excellent. Worth the money. It would be worth to add city temeratur and weather.

Samsam123sam (App Store Review)

Exactly What I Needed. Traveling and having customers in various time zones makes constantly opening a world clock or switching time zones not practical and sometimes not possible (VPNs can change autodetect mechanisms for setting the clock). For this reason, and because my habit is to glance at the task bar for the time, this app is key and I don’t live without.

cyberdog478 (App Store Review)

Simple but EXTREMELLY Needed. I travel often through out the United States. Trying to keep track of time zones is a headace. Being able to look at the status bar and see the time makes it super simple.

wildernessfamily78 (App Store Review)


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